Pain faces are our forte (and it’s hill climb season)

Pain faces


Here at Watford Velo Sport pain faces are our forte. Especially when those pain faces are on display while going up an incline as fast as your legs will take you.

In a few weeks time we will be hosting our annual hill climb to a decent sized field of riders. This year, we have a new course in the offering – and it’s going to make history. Whiteleaf, the famous climb in the Chilterns is now our new hill climb home (thanks Aston Hill, you were fantastic). You may ask yourself “why Whiteleaf”… well, if you have ridden the hill then you would know. Featured as one of the top 100 climbs in the UK and a stalwart of the Archer Grand Prix of years gone by, it is something to behold. Long and mercilessly steep with an average gradient of approximately 10%, it’s sure to get the hill connoisseurs amongst you salivating.

So if you haven’t entered, then shame on you. This is going to be the ultimate test. The only way of redemption is to grab your cowbell or a pan and spoon and come along on Sunday 15th October and support those silly enough to give it a try. Make some noise and give the riders your support!

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