Club Rules

By joining Watford Velo Sport (WVS) you agree to the following club rules:

  1. Membership of the Club is to be open to all genders over the age of 16. If minors (under 16 years at date of event) wish to attend club runs then these will be considered at an ad-hoc basis.
  2. Members undertaking cycling activities shall ensure they’re own third party insurance such as that provided by British Cycling.
  3. A member wishing to resign from the Club shall notify the Club Secretary in writing.
  4. When a member resigns or fails to renew their membership by the appointed date, any annual trophy that is held by that member shall be restored immediately to the custody of the Club.
  5. Club members will abide by the WVS cycling etiquette described in section ‘a’ below.
  6. A helmet is MANDATORY on all club runs
  7. Mudguards should be used on winter/wet rides.
  8. The Committee shall normally meet once a month to transact the Club’s business (minimum of 6 members).
  9. Membership to the club is via the British Cycling website only (no cash/manual membership)
  10. As a member you agree to marshal a minimum of one event per year when needed by the club
  11. Any member not renewing their membership by their due date will be deemed to have resigned and to have forfeited all rights and privileges of membership. You will be removed from all social forums (Facebook, Strava etc)
  12. Members shall be liable to expulsion from the Club for unseemly conduct. The committee will review all reported incidents and shall within a 30 day period of being formally informed decide on an outcome, if the decision is to exclude from the club then the club committee must give the member the reason(s) for revoking their membership. The committee’s decision is final.
  13. Items for the agenda of any Annual General Meeting shall reach the Secretary at least two weeks before the meeting. At the meeting, any other business will be allowed at the discretion of the Chairman. However no changes of ‘Club Rules’ will be permitted under any other business
  14. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Executive Committee upon receipt of a request signed by seven members,  subject to at least 14 days notice (with a copy of the Agenda attached) being given to the members.
  15. Racing and entry to competition into events will be under the club name – ‘Watford Velo Sport’.
  16. The Committee shall deal with any matter not provided for in these Rules and their decision shall be binding on all parties.
  17. Watford Velo is fully committed to the principles of the equality of opportunity and is responsible for ensuring that no member or volunteer receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, gender, colour, disability, ethnic minority, parental or marital status, nationality, religious belief, social status and sexual preference.
  18. The Club will take steps to prevent discrimination or other unfair treatment for its members and volunteers.

A – cycling etiquette

Be Predictable: Group riding requires extraordinary attention to cycling in a very predictable manner. Others expect you to consistently ride in a straight line, at a constant speed, and to clearly signal changes. Pedal continuously at a cadence and speed that are consistent with those around you.

Communicate: Communication is a requirement of safe cycling. Participants make a positive contribution to a ride when they provide respectful feedback, reminders and instructive dialogue regarding cycling etiquette and safety. It is incumbent on all of us to offer courteous input regarding mistakes and riding habits that are dangerous.

Change Positions Correctly: If you want to pass, do so on the left and say, “On your left!” to warn the cyclists ahead that you are passing. Sprinting around the group while a car is trying to pass is dangerous.

Announce Hazards: When riding in a group many cyclists may not have a good view of the road surface ahead because of the riders in front of them. It is important to indicate hazards by pointing to them and by shouting “Hole!” or “Glass!” or “Rock!” etc. As cars approach shout, “Car back!” or “Car up!” and then quickly move into single file as far to the right as is reasonable.

Watch the Pace: A group ride, by definition, is designed to accommodate a range of abilities. Although it is natural for groups to form, no one should be intentionally dropped. When riding near others, adjust your speed to maintain your position and help keep the group together. Resist the temptation at the front of the group to speed up; maintain a constant tempo or level of effort. Likewise, if an individual or the paceline is surging, say, “Easy!” to moderate the pace. It may be best to let those that are surging to go.

Supplies: As a member of the club you are required to carry enough food and drink with you for the duration of the ride. You are also expected to carry all the required tools necessary to be able to perfom ‘the usual’ roadside repairs. It is recommended that 2 spare tubes are carried on all rides.

Keep the Group Informed: If you decide to leave the group and ride on your own, inform the ride leader, or another rider, so that people don’t waste time looking for you.

Move Fully Off the Road When You Stop: Insure individual and group safety, and do not interfere with traffic.

Leave a Gap for Cars: When riding up hills or on narrow roads where you are impeding faster traffic, leave a gap between every four to five bicycles so that motorists can take advantage of shorter passing intervals. If five or more vehicles accumulate behind the group, pull over at the next safe pull out, and allow the vehicles to pass.

Provide Camaraderie and Support: Remember we are a social club. Watch out for your fellow cyclist before, during and after the ride. Help make newcomers feel welcome by introducing yourself. Don’t immediately ride off to join up with your old cycling buddies. Instead, spend a portion of the ride with the new cyclist.